Webex Resources: Online Audio / Video Technology

Find tips and resources to ensure a successful Webex experience for teleconferences and virtual meetings.

Cisco Webex is a secure technology platform that can be utilized for teleconferences, virtual meetings, virtual hearings, and other remote technology needs.

NOTE: The NCAOC does not support Zoom or other similar technology platforms that may have security risks. While some judicial groups may have external resources to use Zoom, the NCAOC is unable to provide support.

Important Items to Help Ensure a Successful Webex Experience

Webex provides many features that support effective and collaborative meetings with staff and outside partners, bringing participants together online, or in combination onsite and remotely. See the many features of Webex.

Schedule a Webex Meeting

Webex is integrated within Outlook. If you have an account, you can schedule a meeting and include Webex information for participants within a single invitation.

WebEx Outlook button

Useful Tips for a Successful Meeting

  • Check your audio / video connection prior to the meeting.
  • Mute your phone or computer audio connection unless speaking directly to the group.
  • Identify yourself by name if you want to comment, so all know who is speaking; remember to unmute first and mute when finished.
  • Please try to speak one at a time, so all can clearly hear and understand your comments.
  • Use the chat or message option, if allowable by the meeting organizer.