Lee County eCourts Information

Find information, training, policies, and procedures related to eCourts for Lee County.

Information and Training

eCourts Services - Now Live in Lee County

Local eCourts Policies and Procedures

  • This is where Lee County specific court operations policies and procedures related to eCourts will be posted. Stay tuned!

Questions / Feedback

  • Attorneys who are experiencing issues or need technical support with eFiling may contact Tyler Technologies through chat, email, or by phone. Information is provided at this link: Submit a request – eFile (zendesk.com)
  • Attorneys who are experiencing issues with Portal or their elevated access may contact NCAOC via email at ecourts@nccourts.org.
  • For questions relating to case information or documents in court files, please contact the clerk of superior court in the county where the case is located.
  • Questions and comments about the Judicial Branch’s statewide eCourts project may be submitted to eCourts@nccourts.org.
  • Information about the statewide project may be found at NCcourts.gov/eCourts.