Community-Centered Court of Lincoln County

To promote a safe and healthy community while providing quality programs that enhance public safety through education and treatment.

The mission of the Community-Centered Court of Lincoln County is to promote a safe and healthy community while providing quality programs that enhance public safety through education and treatment to assist participants with a smooth transition in returning to a stable and productive lifestyle.

Team Members

Superior Court Judge
The Judge will meet with you in the Courtroom with the treatment team where he/she may review your progress and/or obstacles during your time as a participant in this program. The Judge is ultimately responsible for court sanctions, including incarceration and/or termination of the program.

District Attorney / Prosecutor
Represents the community and its concerns to ensure that justice is being served. The District Attorney participates in determining if you are legally eligible for the program and can make recommendations to the team regarding supervision, incentives, and sanctions based on participant progress.

Public Defender / Defense Attorney
Will represent your legal interests in Community-Centered Court of Lincoln County during all treatment court sessions and treatment court team meetings.

Trial Court Administrator
Responsible for overseeing the day-to-day facilitation, operation, and function of this Court.

Treatment Court Coordinator
Will meet with you on a regular schedule to review your participant plan and progress. The coordinator will provide the treatment team with reports on your current progress and/or obstacles.

Peer Support Specialist
Will assist you in setting and meeting your short and long-term goals for recovery. Will report information to the treatment team throughout the course of your participation in the treatment program.

Treatment Provider
Will provide information and updates to the treatment team regarding your substance use, treatment needs, mental health concerns, and cooperation with your treatment plan.

Recovery Resource Specialist
Will assist the team with identifying resources related to treatment, housing, education, and employment opportunities.

Probation / Parole Officer
Your supervising officer who will oversee drug testing, curfew compliance (if applicable) and will hold you to a high standard of honesty.

Local Law Enforcement Agency Representative(s)
Acts as a liaison for other local law enforcement agencies in the county and conducts criminal background checks on all participants.

** Team members may be replaced or substituted as needed.

Treatment Court Contact(s)

Vanessa Palmer
Treatment Court Coordinator

Kinsley M. Craig
Trial Court Administrator