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Lost Summons

If you have lost your jury summons, please email

When and Where to Report

On the night prior to jury service, all jurors are required to call the jury information line to determine:

  • If their services as a juror will be needed on their scheduled report date.
  • What specific time jurors will be required to arrive on their scheduled report date.
  • The location where jurors will be required to report for their scheduled jury service.

The phone number for the jury information line is 704-742-7805. Jurors are asked to call this number after 6:00 p.m. on the night prior to their scheduled jury service.

When jurors report to the courthouse, they will be shown an orientation video that explains what to expect as a juror. Court staff will also give jurors additional information. Afterward, all jurors will be administered an oath. Jurors selected to serve on a trial will be given a juror badge to wear until they are released from jury service by the presiding judge. Once a trial begins, the presiding judge will instruct jurors on their duties.


Public parking is available to all who visit the Lincoln County Courthouse. Overflow parking for the facility can be found behind the courthouse located immediately below the parking area for the Lincoln County Health Department.

Hours of Service

Jurors should plan to be present each day of their service until 5:00 p.m. Morning and afternoon breaks will be in the discretion of the presiding judge.

Length of Service

If selected to serve on a jury, a juror will serve for the duration of that trial. Jurors can expect for trials to last anywhere from a couple of days to several days. Trial length is determined by the details of each specific trial. If a trial is expected to take longer than several days, the presiding judge will discuss the anticipated length of the trial with potential jurors.

Any juror who serves on a trial -OR- any juror who reports for jury service, is not selected, and is excused by the presiding judge will be ineligible to serve as a juror again for two (2) years. Jurors who receive a summons before this two (2) year period has concluded are encouraged to reach out to the Lincoln County jury management team.


Food and Beverages
Lunch will not be provided; however, you may bring your own lunch. A refrigerator and microwave are located in the jury assembly room for your convenience. Drink and snack machines are also located in the jury assembly room. Generally, lunch begins at 12:30 p.m. and ends at 1:45 p.m., unless jurors are instructed otherwise by the presiding judge.

Electronic Devices / Internet Access
In order for jurors to bring electronic devices, such as cellphones, laptops and iPads / tablets into the facility, jurors will need to bring a copy of their jury summons with them for entry through the security checkpoint. Wireless internet access is available throughout the courthouse.

Nursing Mothers
In our continuing efforts to make performing jury service in Lincoln County convenient for all citizens, a lactation area can be provided upon request. To access this area, please contact a member of the jury management team in advance of the date of your jury service by sending an email to

Requests for Excusal or Deferment for Jury Service

To request an excusal or deferral from jury service, please submit the request to the jury management team by utilizing ONE (1) of the following methods:

  • Submit request via electronic form
  • Submit request via email to:
  • Submit request via mail to:
    Office of the Trial Court Administrator
    c/o Jury Management Team
    PO Box 8
    Lincolnton, NC 28093
    Juror Information Line: 704-742-7889
  • Submit request in person to:
    Lincoln County Courthouse
    120 Justice Drive
    Lincolnton, NC 28092

All requests must include the completed form located at the bottom of your jury summons -AND- the appropriate supporting documentation for your request. All requests must be received no later than ten (10) days prior to your scheduled date of service. No requests will be handled via telephone. A decision regarding your request will be returned via mail to the address notated on your jury summons.

Requests for excusal or deferment from jury service will be granted ONLY for reasons of compelling personal hardship. Until a response has been received from the jury management team, jurors are still required to appear for their jury service.

Persons qualified to serve must:

  • Reside in Lincoln County
  • Be at least 18 years of age or older
  • Understand the English language
  • Have not served as a juror during the preceding two (2) years or as a grand juror in the past six (6) years
  • Be physically and mentally competent

Exemptions, Excuses and Postponements may be granted for the following reasons:

  • People 72 years of age or older
  • NOT a Lincoln County, North Carolina Resident
  • Person is deceased
  • Students enrolled full time in a learning institution
  • Health/Medical reasons
  • Convicted of a felony and voting rights have NOT been restored
  • Not a United States Citizen
  • On assignment with the military

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Additional Information

Jurors should dress professionally and comfortably, but not too casually. Clothing not allowed includes but is not limited to halter or tank tops, cut-off jeans, or shirts with offensive wording. During service as a juror, all jurors will be acting as a part of the court during their jury service and will be expected to dress appropriately. Layered clothing is recommended as courtroom temperatures may vary considerably, requiring the removal or addition of a sweater or jacket.

Jurors may bring a book or other reading materials, crossword puzzles, stationery and/or other materials to occupy their time. While efforts will be made by the court to reduce delays and long wait periods, jurors should anticipate some waiting time while jurors are being chosen to sit on a jury.

In an emergency or weather-related event, jurors may be contacted through the Office of the Trial Court Administrator or at an emergency number provided when jurors arrive at the courthouse for their jury service.

Contact Information

Lincoln County Jury Management Team

Physical Address: Lincoln County Courthouse, 120 Justice Drive, Lincolnton, NC 28093
Mailing Address: PO Box 8, Lincolnton, NC 28092

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