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Alternative Dispute Resolution is the Focus of Today's Episode of All Things Judicial

The Dispute Resolution Commission Chairwoman and staff discuss the many benefits of Alternative Dispute Resolution in North Carolina.

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The latest episode of All Things Judicial features Alternative Dispute Resolution, highlights the work of the Dispute Resolution Commission, and focuses on the Administrative Office of the Court's promotion of mediation and arbitration in North Carolina. The episode was released today in celebration of Conflict Resolution Day on October 21, and Dispute Resolution Week which is recognized by the American Bar Association as the third week in October. Guests include Judge Phyllis Gorham, Tara Kozlowski, and Maureen Robinson with an introduction given by Chief Justice Paul Newby.

"Our state constitution guarantees the courts shall be open and justice is to be administered without favor, denial, or delay. Our alternative resolution groups allow us to make these constitutional promises a reality," Chief Justice Newby said on the podcast. "North Carolina has demonstrated a strong commitment to developing programs which promote dispute resolution in our courts."


Judge Phyllis Gorham, Senior Resident Superior Court Judge in New Hanover and Pender counties and Chairwoman of the Dispute Resolution Commission

Tara Kozlowski, Executive Director, Dispute Resolution Commission

Maureen Robinson, Administrative Assistant, Dispute Resolution Commission