Human Trafficking Awareness Resource Library

Find resources and signage to help bring awareness and stop human trafficking.

Awareness Signs


The following posters are available for you to download, print, display, and share. Posters should be displayed in a place that is clearly conspicuous and easily visible to employees and the public. Mandated Awareness Sign Locations

Instructions to obtain a copy of these awareness signs:

  1. Download a PDF copy to print. To view and print a compliant version of the poster, please click on the links below in the language and size needed. All of the online posters are displayed in Adobe Acrobat PDF format which should be viewable with your web browser.
    • Click the preferred size and then download and save the file. Then, open the file in your PDF reader program. For best results, do not print the file directly from the web browser.
      • For commercial printing, please use the "professional printer" link that is print ready with crop marks. 
    • Before printing the file, check to ensure that your printer can produce the specific poster size. If not, then set the printer settings to “Shrink to Fit” and select the proper paper tray. NOTE: These instructions are general because the configurations for each printer varies.
    • Print the poster and display it to raise awareness.
  2. Download an image to share on social media. Click on the thumbnail to view a larger image. Simply right-click on the poster thumbnail and save the image. Then, share it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., to raise awareness to STOP HUMAN TRAFFICKING!

For more information about posting the awareness signs or requesting a specific translation needed for display, please email the North Carolina Human Trafficking Commission. Together, we can bring awareness to this crime and STOP HUMAN TRAFFICKING!

Best Practices and Toolkits

Human Trafficking Commission Standards of Service (2023)

Human Trafficking Mandated Reporting and Agency Response

Creating and Sustaining a Regional Response Team

Best Practices for Developing Material and Working with the Media
For programs using these signs for public awareness and outreach, please consider reading the following. The Senior Policy Operating Group (SPOG) Guide for Public Awareness Materials is now publicly available. This guide serves as a public resource that reflects the common messaging, standard statistics, and shared guidelines on images that SPOG agencies use when creating public awareness and external training materials. Media coverage and representation of an issue can influence the ways in which the public, policymakers and other interested parties come to understand and act upon the issue. At the minimum, responsible communication about trafficking should adhere to these guidelines: recognize the complexity of the issue by relying on multiple sources with a range of experiences; respect and amplify the voices of survivors; avoid victim blaming; and scrutinize competing statistical claims about trafficking prevalence and other phenomena.

Child Sex Trafficking Partner Toolkit by Polaris

CLAS Standards: The National Standards for Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services in Health and Health Care (The National CLAS Standards) aim to improve health care quality and advance health equity by establishing a framework for organizations to serve the nation's increasingly diverse communities.

HEAL Trafficking Protocol Toolkit

HHS ACF Office of Trafficking in Persons Grant Management Toolkit

Human Trafficking Institute (HTI) Human Trafficking Restitution Resource Guide

International Association of Chiefs of Police Toolkit

Native Youth Toolkit

National Advisory Committee Report on Best Practices Recommendations: Includes introduction videos and the PDF report.

Office for Victims of Crime Model Standards

OTIP Human Trafficking Prevention Month Toolkit January 2023

The Irina Project (TIP) at the UNC-Chapel Hill Hussman School of Journalism and Media monitors and analyzes media representations of sex trafficking and provides resources, including tipsheets and training, for accurate and responsible coverage of the issue. Connect with The Irina Project on social media or contact

Toolkit for Building Survivor Informed Organizations

U.S. ACF Region IV Guiding Principles

Fact Sheet


Resource Directory List

Speak Up NC

Learn more about human trafficking, how to get help or report an incident, and what North Carolina is doing to help to raise awareness.

SpeakUpNC Video 1
SpeakUpNC Video 2

Social Media Ads

Download an image to share on social media. All images below are sized 1200x628. Click on the thumbnail to view a larger image. Simply right-click on the poster thumbnail and save the image. Then, share it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., to raise awareness to STOP HUMAN TRAFFICKING!

Videos and Podcasts

Human Trafficking General Awareness
Human Trafficking (Law Enforcement Focus)
Common Myths About Human Trafficking
Agriculture Information
Child Welfare Information
Illicit Massage Information
Illicit Massage Information (Mandarin)
Illicit Massage Information (Korean)
FBI and National Center for Missing & Exploited Children Sextortion PSA