Human Trafficking Commission Members and Staff

See the members and staff of the Human Trafficking Commission.

Commission Members

Jennifer Haigwood Jennifer Haigwood, Chair
N.C. Department of Labor
Commissioner of Labor's Designee (Governor’s Appointment)
Danielle Carman Danielle Carman
Deputy Director of Courts and Services
N.C. Administrative Office of the Courts
Pam Cashwell Pamela B. Cashwell
N.C. Department of Public Safety
Secretary of Public Safety’s Designee (Governor’s Appointment)
Judge Claire Hill Judge Claire V. Hill
Superior Court Judge, District 12A
Designee – President, N.C. Conference of Superior Court Judges
Monika Johnson Hostler Monika Johnson Hostler
N.C. Coalition Against Sexual Assault (NCCASA)
Public at Large (Speaker’s Appointment)
Judge Sherri Elliott Sherri Elliott
Chief District Court Judge, District 18
President, N.C. Association of District Court Judges
Caitlin Brooks

(Senate’s Appointment)
Jasmine McGhee Jasmine McGhee
N.C. Department of Justice
Attorney General's Designee (Governor’s Appointment)
Captain Suzanne Mauney-Smith Assistant Chief Suzanne Mauney-Smith
Gaston County Police Department
City or Town Police (Senate’s Appointment)
Marc Nichols William M. Nichols
Ret. Major N.C. Highway Patrol
County Sheriff's Designee (Senate’s Appointment)
Caitlin Ryland Caitlin Ryland
Legal Aid of North Carolina
Legal Aid of North Carolina (Senate’s Appointment)
Thomas Bernard Dr. Thomas Bernard
Health Care Representative
Health Care Representative (Governor’s Appointment)
Billy West William R. West Jr.
Cumberland County District Attorney
District Attorney (Speaker’s Appointment)
Angelica Wind Angelica Wind
N.C. Coalition Against Human Trafficking
N.C. Coalition Against Human Trafficking (Speaker's Appointment)

Commission Staff

Christine Shaw Long Christine Shaw Long
Executive Director