Wake County Jury Service

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Length of Service

Jury service in this county operates on the one-day / one-trial system. A new group of jurors are summoned each day of the week and, if selected to serve on a jury, a juror will serve for that day or for the length of a trial. However, if a person is not selected for a trial, their jury service will be complete after that one day. If selected to serve on a trial that is completed before the end of the day, those jurors will return to the jury assembly area and may then be selected for service on another case. If not selected again, those jurors will be allowed to go home at the end of the day, having completed their jury service. Jurors selected for a trial that takes several days will need to be present each day during the trial.

The average trial length of service varies from two days or longer until released by the court.

When and Where to Report

The night before their service date, jurors should call the jury information line at (919) 792-4040 and select option one (1). Jurors will be instructed as to whether they need to report at all or at a specific time.

If scheduled to report, all jurors report to the Jury Assembly Room on the third floor of the Wake County Justice Center.

When jurors report to the courthouse, they will be shown an orientation video that explains what to expect as a juror. Court staff will also give jurors additional information. Afterwards, all jurors present will be administered an oath. Jurors selected to serve on a trial will be given a juror badge to wear until they are released from jury service by the judge. Once a trial begins, the presiding judge will instruct jurors on their duties.

Additional Information

Jurors should dress professionally and comfortably, but not too casually. Many judges do not allow anyone to come to court wearing halter or tank tops, cut-off jeans, or shirts with offensive wording. Jurors will be acting as part of the court while serving, so dress appropriately. Layered clothing is recommended since courtroom temperatures may vary considerably, requiring the removal or addition of a sweater or jacket.

Jurors may bring a book or other reading materials, needlework, crossword puzzles, stationery, or other materials to occupy their time.

While efforts will be made by the court to reduce delays in trial starts and to avoid long waiting periods, some waiting time should be anticipated while jurors are chosen to sit on a jury.

Jurors may bring their lunch. In addition, a café is located on the first floor of the Wake County Justice Center and the 6th floor of the Wake County Courthouse.

In an emergency, jurors may be contacted through the clerk of court's office, or at an emergency number given to them when they arrive at the courthouse. The court staff will ensure that jurors get the message.

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