Trial Court Administrator's Office

Wake County Courts


The Wake County Court Administrator is responsible for carrying out the policies of the Senior Resident Superior Court Judge and the Chief District Court Judge to improve the administration of justice through professional management of the operations of the court system in the 10th Judicial District.

Contact Information


(919) 792-4775
Fax(919) 792-4951

EmailTrial Court Administrator - Kellie Z. Myers
Superior Court Coordinator - Lisa R. Tucker
District Court Coordinator - Amy L. Turner
Arbitration Coordinator - Shay Elliott Lockamy
Law Enforcement Liaison - Davis Cooper
Judicial Assistant (Civil) - Shanda Smallwood
Resident Court Reporter – Dawn Dantschisch
Resident Court Reporter – Jennifer Carroll
Resident Court Reporter – Maren Fawcett
Resident Court Reporter – Susan Gugig
Resident Court Reporter – Tammy Johnson
Resident Court Reporter – Gina Macchio

Media InquiriesMedia inquiries regarding coverage of court proceedings in Wake County may be sent by email to Kellie Z. Myers. Additional information may be found online on the media page.

Physical LocationWake County Courthouse
316 Fayetteville Street
Suite 1035
Raleigh, NC 27601

Mailing AddressPO Box 351
Raleigh, NC 27602
(Filings shall be sent to the Wake County Clerk of Superior Court and NOT to the TCA)

Civil Superior

Materials for Judicial Review Prior to a Hearing

Pursuant to NCRCP Rule 5, briefs or memoranda provided to the court are not to be filed with the clerk of court unless ordered by the court. All briefs, memoranda, and other materials for a hearing in Wake County Civil Superior Court must be submitted by email to no later than two business days prior to the hearing. Do not send duplicates or hard copies to other staff and judges, unless specifically requested by the presiding judge.

If the hearing date is continued, materials must be submitted again the week prior to the new court date.

Notice of Secured Leave

Rule 26 of the General Rules of Practice and Civil Superior Court Local Rule 16 govern how attorneys should submit notices of secured leave if they have any pending civil superior court cases in the Tenth Judicial District. In lieu of mailing your secured leave notice to the TCA’s Office per Rule 16.2, you may send the notice by email to Please note that secured leave designations are not filed in the court files and should not contain case numbers. Please DO NOT eFile notices of secured leave through File & Serve.

Proposed OrdersAll proposed orders, including consent orders/judgments, for review by a Superior Court Judge shall be submitted pursuant to the Civil Superior Proposed Order Process (Amended 3/20/2023).

All submissions shall include an Order Submission Cover Sheet (WAKE-CVS-08).

Please DO NOT submit proposed orders/judgments through File & Serve.

Remote Hearings

To join a Webex hearing in a civil superior court matter, confirm the Webex Courtroom number (e.g., #1 or #2) from the Hearings tab of the case in Portal, and select the corresponding link below.

Attendees shall comply with Rule 12 of the General Rules of Practice. Counsel are reminded that business attire shall be appropriate dress while in the remote courtroom.


Local Rules and Forms
Find Local Rules and Forms that provide procedures and guidelines for courts in Wake County.

Court Dates
Search for the date, time, and location of a court appearance, citation number, and more. Calendar and court date publication in Civil Superior and Civil District Courts has changed following the implementation of Odyssey. Those changes are reflected below and supplement Local Rules regarding the same.

  1. Calendar Publication.
    eCourts Change: Hearings are published no later than three weeks prior to the first day of the court session on Portal. Publication of the hearing to Portal no later than three weeks prior to the first day of the court session shall serve as sufficient notice to counsel that a case has been set (i.e., the calendar is considered published/final at this time and no changes will be made absent court order or approval by the Trial Court Administrator). To view all cases set for trial or hearing on the same calendar session, select Search Hearings in Portal and then search by the court date and hearing location.
  2. Attorney Query Tool.
    eCourts Change:
    Attorneys may search cases set for hearing or trial by using Portal and selecting the appropriate Search Type (e.g., Case Number, Party Name, Business Name, Attorney Name, Attorney Bar Number, Judicial Officer, or Courtroom). To ensure accuracy of this tool, attorneys must provide the Clerk of Superior Court with information regarding withdrawals, notice of appearance, and substitution of counsel in specific cases. All filings must include the North Carolina State Bar number for each attorney of record.

Local Administrative Schedules
Find Wake County administrative schedules and calendars.

Superior Court Master Calendar
View Spring and Fall Master Calendars of the Superior Courts statewide.

Mediated Settlement Conference Program
Designed to offer parties, with the help of their attorneys and a mediator, an opportunity and the support they need to settle their cases.

Court-Ordered Arbitration
Arbitration is intended to be a quick, inexpensive alternative to a lengthy trial before a judge.

Court Reporters & Transcriptionists
List of persons authorized and approved to prepare transcripts of proceedings in the courts of all counties of the State of North Carolina.

Office of Language Access Services
Committed to removing barriers that hinder equal access to justice by individuals with limited English proficiency (LEP).

Disability Access
The North Carolina Judicial Branch is committed to ensuring that individuals with disabilities have equal access to all court functions.