Mecklenburg County Local Administrative Schedules

Find Mecklenburg County administrative schedules and calendars.

Court Closings, Holidays and Conferences

Administrative Orders

District Court Judges SchedulesDCJ Long Term Schedules (should be printed on 8.5 x 14 paper) 

2021 - By Courtroom

2021 - By Judge

  • none at this time

DCJ Weekly Schedule

Superior Court Judges SchedulesTentative Superior Court Judges Assignments

SCJ Weekly Assignments

4130 Courtroom Schedules

Misdemeanor Domestic Violence Quads

5310 Courtroom SchedulesFelony Crimes Team Admin Schedule CR5310

Habitual Felon Team Admin CR5310

Homicide CR5310

  • none at this time

Special Session CR5310

  • none at this time

Special Victims Admin Schedule CR5310

Violent Crimes Admin Schedule CR5310

Civil Calendars

Criminal Calendars