Mecklenburg County Local Administrative Schedules

Find Mecklenburg County administrative schedules and calendars.

Court Closings, Holidays and Conferences

Administrative Orders

  • none at this time

District Court Judges SchedulesDCJ Long Term Schedules (should be printed on 8.5 x 14 paper) 

2020 - By Courtroom

2020- By Judge

DCJ Weekly Schedule 

Superior Court Judges SchedulesTentative Superior Court Judges Assignments 

SCJ Weekly Assignments 

5310 Courtroom SchedulesSpecial Session CR5310

  • none at this time 

Homicide CR5310

Drug Team's Admin Schedule CR5310

  • none at this time 

Habitual Felon Team Admin CR5310

  • none at this time

Violent Crimes Admin Schedule CR5310

Special Victims Admin Schedule CR5310

Property Admin Schedule CR5310

Domestic Calendar Call Schedules