Mecklenburg County Remote Hearings

Find out more information regarding proceedings being conducted remotely using Webex.

Clerk of Superior Court

Public Access to Remote Hearings

Members of the public that wish to observe virtual hearings must logon to the hearing via the hearing link at the time set for the hearing. Limitations on public/spectator access to virtual hearings are necessary to protect the integrity of the hearing and to ensure the hearing can proceed without unreasonable interruption or delay. The presiding judge will give all parties and spectators directions to protect the integrity of the hearing. Because it is not feasible for the judge to continuously reinstruct spectators as they join the hearing, once the judge begins the instructions for participants, the hearing will be locked in Webex which will prohibit additional spectators from joining the hearing.

If any spectator, witness, or participant violates orders given by the Judge at the start of the hearing pertaining to the use of Webex, contacts testifying witnesses or repeatedly disrupts the proceeding, they are subject to being expelled from the hearing and will not be allowed to rejoin the hearing. They are also subject to the contempt powers of the Court.

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